The advisors at Winston Wealth Management offer advice and services in the following areas:


Investment Management:

How your investments should be structured to try to improve the probability of meeting your goals. Your age, financial situation, marital status, risk tolerance, investment horizon, and other factors will go into determining an appropriate investment plan.

Income Distribution Planning:

A plan to convert your savings to a sustainable retirement income stream that will keep up with inflation and have low probability of early depletion. Such a plan will be integrated with your Social Security, pensions (if applicable) and other income sources.

Retirement Planning:

A comprehensive plan to determine when you can retire, how much sustainable income you can expect in retirement, which pension option you should take, when you should begin Social Security, and other key retirement issues.

Survivor Income Needs Planning:

A plan to protect a surviving spouse and/or dependent(s) and plan for their income needs.

Charitable Giving Planning:

A plan to determine which assets you should donate, when to donate, and how to donate in order to improve your charitable giving efficiency.

Estate Planning:

A plan developed in coordination with your  Estate Planning Attorney  to efficiently transfer your assets to your desired beneficiaries while minimizing income taxes, estate taxes, probate costs, and other uncertainties.

Long-term Care Planning:

How to pay for possible extended home health care or nursing home care while protecting your assets for you and your loved ones.

Education Planning:

Planning for future college expenses. This includes estimating the future education expenses, determining how much needs to be saved to meet these expenses, determining what type of account to best accumulate the funds in, and leveraging any tax breaks and loans that are available.

Sudden Wealth Management:

A plan to help you manage the unique issues that come with inheritances and other sources of sudden wealth.